jessica melville

jessica melville
MEET Kanika Mehta

Market Research Associate, Information Services Team (Delhi)

kanika mehta

Team Market and Client Insights

Segment Corporate

Location Gurgaon, India

Year hired 2015

University Kamala Nehru College, Delhi University

Personal interests

In addition to reading and writing, I am a classically trained dancer and was a choreographer for the 2016 Willis Towers Watson Women’s Day flash mob in Gurgaon.

Can you tell us about the day-to-day responsibilities of your job?

My current role involves conducting market research on companies based on industry, country, market, competitors, lines of business, relevant business topics, etc. and presenting it in PowerPoint presentations, Word documents or customized reports. It involves extensive use of external databases to source information for consultants — this could be anything from short research requests to gathering detailed information on several companies and their parameters through prospecting analyses. I conduct important processes that are a part of our client acceptance policy and frequently work on several client newsletters and daily deliverables.

What are the key challenges of your role? How have you overcome them?

I had only been with the company for 18 months when I was made the team lead for Information Services, Delhi, responsible for managing a team of seven people on an Information Services project, which not only involved my juniors, but peers and senior colleagues as well. Managing this mix of people required a great level of responsibility as well as a strong sense of judgment for handling conflicts. I learned how to respect people’s positions and arrive at the best possible outcome to ensure we efficiently deliver quality output.

What is your proudest achievement since joining Willis Towers Watson?

During the process of integrating our legacy Towers Watson team with Willis, I was involved in deciding strategy for the integrated system and participated in several calls with senior team leaders. The feedback and recognition I received from colleagues, as well as the ability to share a platform with senior management, was quite exciting and made me a more informed colleague.

How would you describe the culture at Willis Towers Watson?

The culture here is very warm and respectful — both on the professional and personal fronts.

Was there anything that surprised you about your role or the company?

What surprised me initially was the energy within my team! The team is focused on performing their jobs as efficiently as possible and learning as they go. They are constantly developing and sharing new ideas to help each other succeed, which is energizing to be around.

What is your hope for your career in the future?

I would be interested in new opportunities involving primary research, in addition to secondary research. Also I really want to work on a research paper involving a large amount of analysis.

Based on your experience, what advice would you give someone considering employment with Willis Towers Watson?

Coming to Willis Towers Watson with no previous experience except for two internships, I would say it’s a great place to begin your career. I believe being patient and understanding your role are key factors for achieving professional satisfaction.